Technical equipment

Mould quality is the soul of the company's mould. We have a strong mould manufacturing
team and strict and effective quality control policies at all stages.


In Jiadewei Company, technology is the first productive force, while quality is the guarantee to win customers'trust. Jiadewei's quality team includes incoming inspection, process inspection, product inspection, electrode inspection, shipment inspection and quality management system, supported by various precise measuring equipment resources and quality personnel with relevant qualifications. In a real sense, the strict control of mould production quality from raw materials, process and final inspection has been realized. Through the implementation of quality management system, the quality control level of the whole company has been monitored and improved in real time.

  • Control of Die Materials

    • Steel suppliers need to provide steel quality assurance and Material Certificate, Gardway Mould will be accepted before acceptance Do steel inspection.
  • Quality Control of Mould Processing

    • Quality Control of Key Processes and Progress of Project Management It will be organized into written documents to provide customers weekly. Progress and quality report.
  • Procurement and Control of Mould Spare Parts

    • We will focus on qualified spare parts to satisfy our customers. Standard Parts Type, Quality Standard and Quality Standard Requirements for procurement time.
  • Die assembly control die inspection before shipment

    • Physical processing will be carried out in accordance with the established process. Relative inspection, strict inspection of core, cavity, insertion and conduction Column, Back Needle, Angle Lift, Slider, Thimble, Cold But systems and connectors do match.

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